Capital Campaign News                                                                                                                             December 2, 2017


We hope you had a chance to review last month’s bulletin article regarding information on the capital campaign. If not, you can easily view it at under the Capital Campaign tab of the parish website. Also included in the website are drawings of the new rectory and social hall, similar to the ones you can view in the Social Hall. In a continuing effort to have you better understand the involvement on the capital campaign teams we would like to explain the functions of the committees.


Finance Council   Lead- Mike Coleman

The Parish Finance Council is composed of 6 volunteers who meet on a regular basis to conduct the business of the parish. We evaluate the requests that are made from the various groups operating both within and even outside the parish to make sure use of our offerings meets the goals of the parish community and the requirements of our facilities. We weigh these requests based on the limits established by our annual budget to ensure the financial health of the parish. 


Campaign Committee   Lead- Denny Schmude

The Capital Campaign Committee was formed to assist Father Ken in the building project at St. Francis for expansion and upgrade of the current facilities. Our committee focus is to raise funds to support the future vision of the St. Francis Parish. We coordinate fund raising efforts to facilitate the Capital Campaign goals.


Building Committee   Lead- Fr. Don

The Building Committee consists of twelve members.  We meet on ‘as needed’ basis to develop, review and make recommendations to the Finance Council pertaining to the design and construction process for the new Rectory and Parish Hall. The committee works under a general project scope, which is driven by multiple factors; Diocese permissions, budget limits and reasonable 'design for the future' aspects.


Pastoral Council    Lead- Dave Martin

The Pastoral Council is a 14 parishioner consultative body, giving its help to the pastor in fostering parish activity. The Pastoral Council's purpose is to enhance the process of:

  • pastoral planning

  • developing pastoral programs

  • improving pastoral services

  • evaluating the pastoral effectiveness of various programs and services

The recommendations of the Pastoral Council are provided to the pastor, who

presides over the Pastoral Council. The pastor is responsible for the final approval of Council recommendations.




St. Francis Leadership Team


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