Join SVDP to fulfill the two great commandments - love of God and love of neighbor!  This group seeks to grow spiritually in their meetings through prayer and sharing faith.  They seek out God's needy - materially and spiritually - and help wherever needed - whether supplying great resources or simply listening and comforting those in need.


Volunteer to be the face of compassion to those who come to our doors hungry, struggling to make ends meet. Pantry workers staff the pantry on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. in one-and-a-half-hour shifts. Others stock and organize shelves or make purchases.



The Health Ministry of St Francis Parish seeks to promote the wellness of all members. As members of the Body of Christ, the Church, we give witness to the Gospel as we minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of those in need. Members serve as guides to community resources. They coordinate as needed with other parish ministries. Ongoing projects include blood pressure screening, coordinating blood drives, maintaining emergency equipment, introducing educational opportunities, maintaining the prayer list for the bulletin and coordinating volunteers to the hospital and assisted care facilities. This ministry also assists with the Mass of the Anointing of the Sick and All Souls Day. The Health Ministry also supports the Funeral Liturgies and families in bereavement. 



Love Thy Neighbor is part of the social safety net for our neighbors in need in the    Grand Traverse Region. They work with partner churches to bridge the gap in services in our area and help our neighbors in need work toward sustainable change in their lives. All of their programs incorporate the gospel message of forgiveness and grace and prayer is an integral part of their ministry. Bridge Ministries help with emergency needs offering a Crib & Layette Ministry, Medical Equipment Loan Closet, Transportation Ministry, Hygiene Pantry, Household Appliance Ministry, and Adopt-a-Family at Christmas. Love Thy Neighbor has FREE life skill classes in budgeting, parenting, healthy cooking, communication, healthy self-care and more to promote new directions for change. Their Change Partnership provides a supportive goal oriented process for those looking for personal growth and transformational change. Partnering with us to mobilize volunteers and resources, together we work to better fulfill the biblical mandate to help the poor and needy in our community.  Call 231-941-5683 or email www.lovethyneighborgt.org


Volunteer to pray for those who have requested our prayers. Saint Francis Parish tries to honor all prayer requests with immediate and confidential prayer. Only first names are received, and no explanation is needed.  



A volunteer sends sympathy cards to parishioners after the death of a loved one.  Phone contact and helpful letters describing the grieving process as well as useful suggestions for navigating through the first year are also mailed quarterly.



Help provide fellowship for the parish community by serving coffee and rolls in the Parish Hall following Sunday morning Masses.



Help ease the minds and hearts of the bereaved as you volunteer to provide and/or serve food with one of six luncheon groups made up of over 250 parishioners.


This ecumenical program serves the homeless in our community by providing for their food & fellowship needs. Parishioners from St. Francis provide volunteer hours and food for two weeks in winter at the Safe Harbor facility. It also serves the parishioners of Saint Francis by allowing us the honor to serve “the least of our brothers and sisters.” Working with other denominations in our community to accomplish these goals also moves us closer to a time “that they all might be one.