Liturgical Seasons 
Season of Ordinary Time


The biggest chunk of our Church's Liturgical year is Ordinary Time.

But, it is FAR from ordinary!

Ordinary Time comes from the Latin word 'ordinalis' -  meaning 'numbered' or 'ruled' - which describes the ongoing and rhythmic nature of this SEason

Far from ordinary or plain, when considered as a Season.

Advent & Christmas recall the Incarnation of Jesus.

Lent & Easter, the passion, death & resurrection of Jesus.

Ordinary Time  - 33-34 weeks long - depending on how the other feasts fall - contain "The REST of the Story" - Jesus' ministry here on earth and some of the other major events that we all know - the miracles, the parables, sermon on the mount, the bread of life teachings and many more! It is a time of conversion, maturation and growth!

How do we prevent it from becoming ordinary?

Here are some ideas!

Scripture Study - Enter into the Scripture of each Sunday in the Season! 

                                 Read through the readings BEFORE coming to Mass!

                                  Even better, attend Wednesday night Scripture Study from

                                       6-7pm after the 5:15pm Mass - the readings for the

                                        coming Sunday are read and discussed.

Keep the Sabbath - 'Shabbat' for Jews - is a day of rest from work.  Some 

                                       can't take this day off - thanks to our 24/7 daily lives.

                                        But, even if you DO have to work, find a way to keep a

                                         Sabbath. Maybe turn off your phone and don't use

                                          your computer.  Focus on things that replenish or

                                           enrich, those things that you don't check a clock for

                                            when you do them...

Get out in nature -     Much of Ordinary Time is set within summer & fall - get

                                      out into God's creation and celebrate all He has made.

Start a daily prayer routine -  OR continue one

                                   - Start praying the Liturgy of the Hours - make it a point

                                        to pray Morning Prayer to start your day or Evening

                                         Prayer to end it,   If you head outdoors, add a devotion

                                          to your activity!   OR make a mundane daily activity 

                                           a prayer!


Pope Francis has proclaimed a special "Year of St. Joseph" in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Blessed Pope Pius IX's declaration of St. Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church.

The USCCB - United States Catholic Conference of Bishops - offers some great resources, materials and prayers/devotions to assist in the celebration of this special year.  Click the link below and check back often for updates and additions.



Year of St Joseph_0.png