Over the next several months, a committee will work to develop architectural plans that will meet all the needs identified. We know the rough estimates to expand and furnish our facility, and build the rectory will cost $7 million. The St. Francis parish community currently has $1 million in savings earmarked for this facility. While the Building Committee continues its work, fundraising will continue to raise $6 million from parish families. 


This dream was developed by our own families inspired by our own desire to continue to develop our relationship with God and with one another. It is noble work to build a House of God. It is a challenging goal, and it can be accomplished if all of us give generously and work together.


This dream honors those who went before us and represents a special gift to ourselves and to future generations of St. Francis families. 


Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to deepen your own experience of faith and further the mission of Christ carried out at St. Francis Church.



Pledges can be made over a 5 year period of time.




GIFTS NEEDED                              GIFT LEVEL                                TOTAL NEEDED


1                                                               $1,000,000                                          $1,000,000

1                                                               $500,000                                             $500,000               

3                                                               $250,000                                             $750,000

6                                                               $100,000                                             $600,000               

10                                                             $50,000                                               $500,000

20                                                             $25,000                                               $500,000               

50                                                             $10,000                                               $500,000

100                                                           $5,000                                                 $500,000               

MANY                                                       Additional Giving                              $1,150,000


GOAL                                                                                              $6,000,000       

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