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Becoming Catholic - RCIA

To become a Catholic, 

the Church invites you to participate in the...


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process that prepares adults to become fully initiated members of the Catholic Church.  There is also a process adapted for children, youth, and teens age 7-17 - see below for their process.

Who would take part in RCIA or RCIA-adapted? ​

  • Any Non-Baptized person who desires to join the Body of Christ in the Catholic Christian Faith

  • Baptized Christians from other Christian faiths, validly baptized, who desire full communion with the Catholic Church

  • Baptized Catholics who did not complete their Initiation Sacraments, most often are uncatechized and desire Confirmation and, if needed, Eucharist

  • While the RCIA is geared toward baptism & full initiation or reception into full communion with the Catholic Church, any Catholic who would like a refresher course in our Catholic Faith is welcome to participate.

RCIA will focus on conversion to, and growing in, a personal relationship with God the Father, Jesus, His Son, and their Holy Spirit.  Our time together will also shed light on living the Catholic faith in our daily lives.  


This process begins the lifelong learning and growing that is the life of Faith.  You will not come out of this process with a doctorate in the Catholic Faith, but you WILL have what you need to start or continue this journey of faith!


Need more information?  Or to schedule an intake visit…

contact the parish office @ 231-947-4620

see Inquirer forms below


        RCIA Adapted for Children& Teens (age 7-17) Inquirer Form - 

Click HERE   

        RCIA (Adults) Inquirer Form - Age 18 & up -

Click HERE 


You can fill out the forms and drop them off at the Parish Office



ADULTS -Age 18+

RCIA Catechumenate session Schedule CLICK HERE


Middle & High School  CLICK HERE

Elementary Age RCIA Adapted  Age 7 - 11or Gr. 5 -

Session Schedule CLICK HERE

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