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New Parishioners

Are you new to Traverse City and St. Francis of Assisi Parish?  Welcome!

As a parishioner, you participate in the Mission of the Church through praying with our community every Sunday & Holy Day at Mass, receiving the Sacraments, by your individual prayer, deepening your own faith life through continuing faith formation, and passing that faith on to children and grandchildren, friends and family. 

We encourage you to get involved.  There are many ministries and activities that will connect you to the parish family.  Check out the other pages here on our website.

Your support of the parish with your time, talent, and treasure builds up the people of God!  Thank you!

Mission Statement

We, the members of Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, united through Baptism, nourished by the Eucharist, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, will live the Gospel message of love and service. 

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