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Christ came to reconcile us to the Father and to one another.  This healing mission lives on in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which restores us to full communion with God and with the faith community.  It is a real, living encounter with Jesus, who is the face of mercy. 


All sin divides us from God and from one another.   This beautiful sacrament, “through the ministry of the Church,” restores that unity with God and with the members of the Body of Christ.


2:30 pm

(Prior to Mass)


7:00 pm

(After Faith Formation)


12:00 noon -

1:00 pm

You may also choose to make an appointment with one of our Priests.  Call the Parish Office @ 231-947-4620 ext. 252.

Looking for Sacrament Preparation for First Reconciliation?  Go to Faith Formation and click on Sacrament Preparation.

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